Study of Potassium Pyrophosphates and Copper Pyrophosphates with Different Quality on Electroplating Results――The effect of phosphate ion on polarizing behavior of pyrophosphate plating solution

Figure 3 are the polarizing curves of ACTi’s pyrophosphate plating solution by adding phosphate ions

Figure 3: The effect of phosphate ion on polarizing curve

  1. Newly prepared electroplating solution
  2. Newly prepared electroplating solution + 1g L-1 PO43-
  3. Newly prepared electroplating solution + 5g L-1 PO43-
  4. Newly prepared electroplating solution + 10g L-1 PO43-


Figure 3 shows the huge effect of phosphate ion on polarizing behavior of plating solution. When current density is around 10-20 mÅ cm-2, cathode electric potential shifts negatively while adding more phosphate ions under the same electric current density. So, under practical electroplating condition it will increase cell electric pressure and energy consumption. Meanwhile, the Tafel slope in the strong polarizing region of the polarizing curve decreases slightly, which affects the chelating ability of plating solution.