About us

We are a company that provides chemical supplies and information/consulting services to clients such as research laboratories, industrial organizations, and businesses. Our goal is to find the right product for your project and provide the best informational solution for your goal.

American ChemTech Inc. is a world famous chemicals research and manufacturer. We are leading in production, testing technology and equipment of polyphosphates, complex salts, borates and complex lithium-based greases.

For more than ten years as a chemical supplier and information provider, we've sourced chemical materials from suppliers across the U.S. and marketed them to the world serving key industrial and researching marketplaces.

As a chemical supplier, we supply fine and specialty chemicals from our extensive network of global sourcing locations. We are governed by the guiding principles of innovation, resourcefulness, proactiveness and accuracy.

As an information provider, we are experts in applying statistical concepts to design and execute efficient research and manufacturer trials. We help academic and industrial research groups with their data processing and analysis in order to improve the successfulness of their goals. We also provides clients with cutting edge Growth Analytics, including Predictive Market Foresight, Risk Management, Data Quality Estimate, Social Network, Customer Demographics and Social Resource Analytics and Big Data analytics, Growth Drivers Analytics, Predictive Consumer Analytics, and Econometric Forecasting tools.